COVID Recovery: Reconnect Your Team Safely

As restrictions across Canada are beginning to relax and organisations are starting to ease employees back into the new office environment, Hybrid and Live events are back in our future. Therefore, it's time to start thinking about how to reconnect your team safely.

Reconnecting, re-engaging and listening to the needs of colleagues and employees are as important now as they have always been. The difference now, is we have all been impacted in someway by the global pandemic and we are united in our common goal and above all: Recover from the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19.

It sounds dramatic but, its true, something things have changed forever. Whenever there is such a fundamental change in the environment it is important to be adaptable and agile so good decisions can be made quickly and easily. For this to be possible teams need to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively.

To test your teams preparedness and to hone their skills we have remastered some of our most popular activities so they can be delivered in line with Provincial COVID-19 Health & Safety guidelines.

Primary Risks & Concerns

  • Maintaining a physical distance.
  • Cross contamination via shared equipment.
  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Venue considerations and choices.

How do we plan on mitigating the risks?

  • Limiting team sizes to those stated in provincial laws.
  • Sanitation stations on each team table providing hand-sanitiser, wipes, sprays and gloves, masks and safety glasses depending on the requirements of the activity and client.
  • Fully sanitise activity spaces before the activity starts.
  • A briefing is given pre-event highlighting all health and safety procedures.
  • Signage to inform & remind participants of COVID facts and guidelines.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves where required.

What are the benefits, particularly now?

  • Collaboration as one team.
  • Re-establish core company mission, vision and values.
  • Share knowledge & experiences.
  • Boost morale & have some fun.
  • Determine the new work life norm, by playing together.
  • Practicing problem solving as a team in difficult conditions.

Provincial Groups Size Restrictions

Province Participants
Indoor Outside
BC <50 -
AB <50 <100
SK <30 <150
MB <50 <100
QC 50 50
NS <50 <50
YK <10 <10
NF <20 <20
ON 30% of venue capacity <50
PEI <15 <20
NB <50 <50
Last updated 22nd June 2020

Adapted Activities

Go Team Outdoor & Indoor digital scavenger hunts with photo and video challenges

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