Five Games For Remote Teams

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It has been eight weeks since we saw the shift from conference rooms to conference calls and we are now seeing a trend in management reporting breakdowns in team communication, engagement and collaboration.

If you and your team have already embraced the ‘virtual’ meeting world, you may be feeling a little ‘zoomed out’ or just searching for a way to fill those ‘awkward’ moments.

Here are our top 5 Energiser and Ice Breaker games to improve team morale, engagement and breakdown barriers for your remote team.

Deserted Island

Give your team 3 minutes to collect three objects found in their house, that they would like to have if they were trapped on a deserted island.

Each team member will have 2 minutes to present their three items to the group and explain why these objects are important to them.

Times can be adjusted based on group size, or you can use the Zoom Breakout Room feature to split participants into smaller groups of 4-5.

speach bubble

Two Truths and a Lie

Participants must simply come up with 2 true facts about themselves and 1 lie.

Each team member will have 1 minute to share these 3 details, before the team tries to uncover which point is the lie.

Players should consider sharing the most “unbelievable” truths about themselves in order make this game challenging.

Virtual High Five

Using a video conference call platform, select the grid view as shown in the picture.

The challenge is to capture a screen shot of your team unity by creating a large “high-five” chain. Encourage participants to put their palms up, facing the edge of the screen, until everyone is in unison.

virtual fives

Tallest Tower

Splitting your team into smaller Breakout Rooms, your challenge is to build the tallest tower. The twist here, is teams must use the same item to construct their tower.

Teams are challenged with finding a common household item to construct the tower. We’ve seen towers of toilet paper, coffee mugs and just about any common item you can stack. Creativity, communication and safety are important!

Name that Tune

A game for teams that know each other well: Remember the famous game-show from the 50’s…us neither! We certainly still witness its popularity at every pub quiz ever written. Giving your team a genre ‘80’s pop’, ‘musicals’ etc, ask each member of your team to take turns gargling their song of choice.

First person to recognise the tune wins!

NOTE: Water and computers don't mix!


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