Alexandra Pett

Alexandra has been motivating and educating teams with focused, fun and engaging team building activities for 25 years.

Having worked across a vast array of industries and companies she has a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges involved in developing and implemented effective team building, leadership training and development programs.

Jason Maraschiello

Jason is an accomplished Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Since he was ten years old, Jason has been practising mindfulness and meditation. With his knowledge from this, during his five years in an aggressive corporate setting, he began to recognize the signs of burnout.

Deciding he needed to learn more about stress, anxiety, mindfulness, life and himself; he sold everything and travelled the world for two years living in ashrams and sharing his passion for music, in some of the remote parts of the world. Upon his returning to Canada Jason has found his passion helping people and corporations manage stress, resolve conflict, build effective teams, and maintain mental health and well-being.He does this in a highly engaging, interactive and unique way.

Jason Maraschiello

Hillary Graham

Hillary is an accomplished marketer and events professional with a goal to bring meaningful content and experiences to individuals and companies. Her passion for events, people and community engagement has led her to success in both the private and non-profit sectors.

With contagious enthusiasm and attention to detail, Hillary executes successful events while maintaining a pleasant, calm demeanor to ensure an amazing experience for everyone involved.

Will Chambers

As an ICF ACTP Certified Coach and Facilitator, Will has impacted thousands of people around the world. He empowers people to lead their best life and career by blending the art of coaching, integrating mindfulness principles with skills learned from over a decade’s experience with one of the top-three best-known brands globally. The result is a meaningful vision and a gratifying journey.

Will has been a facilitator within the Catalyst Global Network since 2017. Lead workshops, team activities and events in New Zealand, Australia and the USA; for clients including Google, GSK, RBC, University of Toronto, AVIVA, Canadian Blood Services and Fairmont Group. Now we're lucky to have him here, as a Lead Facilitator, at Eventology Catalyst Canada!

Hannah and Will
Mark Hemmings Color

Mark Hemmings

An Engineer and a Master of Environmental Science, Mark also has more than 25 years experience in corporate coaching. Upon moving to Canada eight years ago, Mark has been central in the development of Eventology’s award-winning training and course content. Leading many sessions across Canada for businesses from all sectors, government to financial and pharmaceutical.

Mark is highly skilled and experienced in managing the change process of individuals and teams in the training environment. Mark enables participants to integrate the new learning quickly and efficiently in order to immediately apply them effectively in their work place and throughout all aspects of their lives.

Dennis Stever

With over 10 years of experience in coaching, leadership training and facilitation of team events; Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge to his training approach. From sports coaching, to conducting facilitated team events and trainings in the Middle East, Dennis easily adapts to his audience and connect with individuals from all walks of life.

Dennis began his love for coaching through his involvement in amateur sport. From there the opportunity arose to move to the United Arab Emirates, where he spent 5 years working for Biz Group in Dubai. This wealth of knowledge & experience delivering team building workshops, leadership training and customer service programs mean understands that building relationships is the key to an engaging & successful program.

Dennis Stever Vancouver Team

Michael Dorbyk

A dedicated hospitality veteran with over 20 years experience in the industry. As co-owner of the legendary Monarch Tavern he curated a collection of the finest rare Bourbon available in Ontario and oversaw a deliciously accessible bar program for thirsty Torontonians.  Michael‘s love of the arts led to his opening of Bracebridge Hall, a gallery bar and live music venue located in the heart of Muskoka.  His cocktail creation The Bridge was published in Corby Spirits new book titled “A Toast From Coast To Coast”. He’s likely drinking a Manhattan at this very moment. Cheers.

Wissam Assouad

An experienced team building facilitator, trainer and management consultant with a Master's degree in Human Systems Intervention from the Applied Human Sciences department at Concordia Uni.

Wissam is a native of Beirut, Lebanon and has been facilitating events in English, French and Arabic internationally. He has over 10 years of experience as an experiential learning educator and group interpersonal dynamics consultant. His work is centered around collaborating with individuals, groups, organizations and communities as a way to co-develop customized interventions and pave the way for a positive change.

He is also a paramedic volunteer and trainer for the Lebanese Red Cross.

Team building Facilitator

Amanda Wand

Amanda Wand is an experienced Facilitator, Visual Artist, and Visual Art Instructor. She has her BA in Sociology with a minor in Visual Arts from Western University.

She is from a large family and has always been interested in people and how they connect with each other leading her to a career as a Motivational Speaker and Facilitator. She worked in the non-profit sector as a Director of Global Program Operations with a focus on youth leadership development and people management for several years.

Amanda has delivered speeches and workshops to over 10,000 people globally on a range of topics. She has a big heart for humanity and all of these experiences have influenced and shaped her as a Facilitator and an Artist. She is an abstract painter and has been making vibrant colourful paintings for over 16 years and has exhibited in group shows at galleries in New York City and Toronto.

Claudia Habib

Claudia is an effective multi-tasker and communicator, with the 10 years of knowledge and experience planning; multi-day conferences, incentive trips, meetings, galas and awards dinners for various local, national and international companies, associations and government departments, making her a fantastic Event Planner & Project Manager.

She is a passionate problem solver who has come to expect the unexpected and learned how to see the curve balls coming. If you are looking for a seasoned event professional to plan your next event in the Halifax area look no further! Claudia has been an active board member of the Atlantic Canada Chapter of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) for the past 4 years. She was also the recipient of the Planner of the Year Award in 2015.


Stefan Montalbetti

With multiple years of experience in facilitating cultural events, learning experiences, and group recreational activities, Stefan brings a boundless positive energy. His deep understanding of today’s corporate challenges, as well as his attention to detail, allow him to connect groups to the events that will help them best achieve their goals.

Stefan has an exceptional talent to see the common threads that can bring even the seemingly most different of individuals together in a meaningful way, while at the same time highlighting the unique qualities and talents that enable each team member to fulfill a valuable role toward a common goal.

Ella Dinsey

Ella has worked in the world of marketing, project management, and events for the last 10 years, across an array of industries from the non-profit sector to tech start-ups. Her enthusiasm and curiosity to learn in both a professional and personal manner has equipped her with a vast skillset and exceptional communication abilities.

Ella’s interest in travel and adventure took her on a once-in-a-lifetime cycle tour whereby she peddled from Patagonia, Argentina, to Squamish, British Columbia, which is where she has now started the next exciting chapter for herself here in the mountains.

Ella Dinsey - Eventologist
Chelsii Scoville - Eventologist

Chelsii Scoville

Chelsii is our go-to gal for all things social media, our in-house graphic designer, and all-round visual artist. Chelsii studied to learn her craft at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design; where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Print Media, and Sculpture.

Chelsii resides on beautiful Vancouver Island and when she’s not creating jazzy logos for Eventology and spreading the word about our services, she enjoys being out in nature and spending time with her family.

Matt Miller

With experience in a variety of industries from hospitality to auto repair and manufacturing, Matt brings a diverse set of practical and technical skills to the table. After graduating university with a business degree he spent the next decade travelling and working odd jobs, always searching for new skills and experiences along the way.

With an eye for detail and a passion for efficiency and organization, Matt strives to ensure things are always running as smoothly as possible. He likes to get his hands dirty and loves finding creative solutions to whatever problems come his way.

Matt Miller
Sarahjean's Desk

Sarahjean Richardson

Sarahjean Richardson (she/her) is an experienced artist and illustrator based in Toronto, ON. She creates digital media using bright, expressive colours while ensuring inclusive representation is present within her artwork. Sarahjean has an exceptional eye for detail and portrays excellent collaborative and inter-personal skills exhibited during each phase of the design process. As an adaptive creator, she ensures the designs fits within the client's vision, where they can truly feel their ideas come to life.

With a BA in Psychology, and a minor in Spanish, Sarahjean is self-taught and has been a featured artist with Inside Out Creator's Closet in 2021 and Raw Artists Showcase in 2020. Her artwork has shown in Esperanto Gallery and Gallery 1017 and has been featured in the online publication: Lesbians are Miracles.

Sarahjean's portfolio consists of personal and commissioned work with a client list that includes Wilfrid Laurier University; Carleton University; and ScienceUp First. As a Trinidadian/Canadian she is a very passionate-creative, a lover of music and continues to use her art to embrace the beauty of her heritage, rooted in her love of art.