Making the Transition to In-Person Events

BREAKING NEWS - In-person events are opening up across the world.

Although this has been a long time coming, many of us are still unsure about what the transition to in-person events will look like; and feel like! Our experience over the last 18 months, suggests virtual events are here to stay in some capacity as there are many pros. However, there’s no escaping the fully immersive nature of face-to-face team activities and the effectiveness of in-person interaction.

Here are 4 ways too help your team make the move back to in-person activities.

  1. Remember the value of being in-person.

As mentioned, we think there’s tremendous value in virtual events: reducing production costs and carbon footprints, simplifies event management, reduces labour and travel costs, and therefore offers the opportunity to have a national or multinational team together more often. What virtual events lack, is the depth of connection which can be achieved with fully immersive in-person activity and it is much easier to be distracted or avoid participation in virtual events, and most of us have experienced Zoom burnout to some degree.

  1. Survey your team.

Start by surveying your team to determine where everyone’s comfort levels are with being in-person again; not everyone is ready which is to be expected. Activities and event formats can be adapted to follow a hybrid model with a virtual element for those who want to participate from their home or the office.

  1. Select a venue which aligns with your COVID procedures

To ease the anxiety of being together in person again, offering events which provide your team ample space is going to be essential. Banquet halls and hotels will already have their own set of safety protocols that can be easily followed, providing that they align with your team. Next, we suggest splitting your team up into small groups of people that they’re already familiar with – perhaps those who are in the same team or role within your organization.

  1. Let’s get started!

Our Big Picture, Orchestrate, and iBuild events provide a fantastic blend of creativity, collaboration and competitiveness which can be physically distanced, provide an opportunity for a hybrid or virtual components and have high impact finales. Virtual platforms lend themselves well to escape room type activities and offer a lot of flexibility to meet different teams comfort levels.

Transitioning back to in-person events doesn’t have to be a daunting experience – we have extensive experience facilitating team-building events both virtually and in-person. The events mentioned above are a few examples of what's available, we offer a wide variety of event solutions many of which have been adapted to be physically distanced. Not sure where to start? Send us an email, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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