How Employers Can Create a Team Culture and Promote Self-Care in the Office

Work consumes most of the time you have in life. As an employer, you can make that experience more pleasant and enjoyable for your employees. It starts with creating a family-like culture in the workplace and encouraging your employees to practice self-care. Below are just a few things you can do to build that cohesive atmosphere.

Offer Mental Health Days

Every office offers sick days, but you can offer your employees mental health days to practice self-care when they struggle with mental health. Research shows that 75% of employees have difficulties with mental health, and more than half of missed work days are because of those struggles. Provide your employees with resources and support. Encourage them to express when they have mental health concerns to help remove the stigma. Create a workplace culture that shows empathy and allows staff to talk to professionals when they need help.

You can even promote online therapy. People often skip seeking help because they don't have the time. Telehealth platforms allow them to speak with a doctor quickly and from anywhere. You can typically get an appointment much faster than waiting for an in-person meeting. Additionally, they usually take insurance and have fewer out-of-pocket expenses.


Have Monthly Team-Building Events

Team building is an effective way to create a company culture of closeness. It can be something as simple as going for a walk together during lunch, having Monday-morning coffee to chat, or getting everyone together for a team building activity in the office. You can work with us to help build an event that’s perfect for your own business, brand, and messaging.

Offer a Clutter-Free Space for Meditation

Create an area in the office away from everything where employees can go to have a meditation break. It should be quiet and relaxing, as well as free from clutter (which can help keep those stress levels low). You can include zen music with the sounds of running water and offer aromatherapy with incense or candles. Include comfortable furniture or a space on the floor with pillows for a cozy feeling. Employees will appreciate that brief time to clear their heads and take in the benefits of meditation.


Celebrate Accomplishments

Accomplishments should never go unnoticed in the office. Show your employees you care by celebrating their accomplishments. You can offer rewards, take everyone to lunch and congratulate them. It doesn't have to be a massive display. Just acknowledging all the things they do every day to make your company grow is enough to make them feel appreciated.

Offer More Vacation Days

What is more self-care than a vacation? Employees sometimes live for the vacation days they receive. Most European countries & Australia offer a minimum of 30 days of vacation every year. You may not be able to cover that much and make it paid, but you can give your employees the option to take more vacation days and assure them you will have plenty of coverage while they are gone.

As you work on ways to make your employees feel appreciated, don't forget to care for yourself as well. Practice the same techniques you offer your office, from setting up a clutter-free meditation at home and celebrating those accomplishments. You'll be a better boss and business owner.

Blog written by Anya Willis

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