Creating a Culture of Community and Promoting Self-Care in the Work Place

Our lives, generally speaking, are focused around generating money, which we need to provide us with the goods and services we require; a practice we generally refer to as work!

As employers of people and being people ourselves we have the opportunity to make the work experience more enjoyable and fulfilling for ourselves and those around us. It starts with creating a family-like culture in the workplace and encouraging your employees to practice self-care. Below are just a few things you can do to build that cohesive atmosphere.

Offer Mental Health Days

Every office offers sick days, but employees can also be offered mental health days where they are encouraged to practice self-care and focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Research shows that 75% of employees have difficulties with mental health, and over half of missed work days are due to these struggles. By providing employees with the resources and the support they need you are helping to eliminate associated stigmas. By encouraging employees to speak out when they have mental health concerns you’re creating a workplace culture that shows empathy and encourages staff to talk to professionals when they need help.

People also often skip seeking help because they don't feel they have the time. To combat this and facilitate the initial engagement you can promote on-line services, Telehealth platforms which connect people with mental health professionals quickly and from anywhere. These are often faster, easier to facilitate and more approachable, particularly during the initial engagement, than in-person meetings.  Additionally, they usually take insurance and have fewer out-of-pocket expenses.


Have Monthly Team-Building Events

Team building is an effective way to create a culture of community and closeness. It can be something as simple as going for a walk together during lunch, having Monday-morning coffee to chat, or getting everyone together for a team builder activity in the office. We can work with you to taylor events which are perfect for you team, business, brand and messaging.

Create a Clutter-Free Space for Meditation

Create a space in the office away from everything where employees can go for a meditation break. It should be free from clutter, quiet and relaxing. You can provide music for a zen sound garden of the forest or ocean and offer aromatherapy with incense or candles. Include comfortable furniture and / or a space on the floor with pillows and cushions for a cozy calm vibe. Employees will appreciate that brief time to clear their heads and take in the benefits of meditation. Furthermore, your business will then benefit from their clarity of thought and vision.


Celebrate Accomplishments

Accomplishments should never go unnoticed in the office. Show your employees you care by celebrating their wins. You can offer rewards, take everyone to lunch or simply congratulate them. It doesn't have to be a massive display.  A simple thank you goes a long way to ensure people know their time and effort are valued and recognized. By just acknowledging all the things they do every day to make your company grow is enough to make them feel appreciated.

Offer More Vacation Days

Most European countries & Australia offer a minimum of 30 days of vacation every year! It might not currently be possible to offer this within your organization. However, offering your employees the option to take more vacation days and assuring there is adequate coverage while they are gone; increases job satisfaction which has a knock on effect improving productivity, efficiency, boosting team moral and talent retention.

As you work on ways to make other people feel appreciated, don't forget to care for yourself as well. Practice what you preach, from setting up a clutter-free meditation space at home to celebrate your own accomplishments. It will make you a better boss, business owner, employer, employee, human and connects you with your higher self.

Blog written by Anya Willis

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