Macaroon Masterchef

Want to bake? Don’t know how to bake? Whether you are new to the baking world or already know your choux from your shortcrust, Macaroon MasterChef is developed in partnership with Tall Order Culinary Team Building. It’s a fun shared experience that facilitates conversation and encourages engagement as you connect virtually with your team. The bonus is you end up learning how to make macaroons coupled with tasty treats in your fridge afterward!

The perfect baked good is like the ideal team; all ingredients must work harmoniously to achieve outstanding results. It’s a fabulous way to say thank you and reconnect as a team while learning tips and tricks from our professional chef. We can facilitate this event online, hybrid, or in-person and provide you with a list of everything you’ll need before the event.

Alternatively, you can also send the kits out to your team as a thank you and forgo the team activity. You’ll have everything you’ll need to make macarons at home.

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Make Macaroons Macroon MasterChef

Who is Macaroon MasterChef suitable for?

  • Indoor & virtual events
  • All organizations, backgrounds and ages
  • Event duration is approximately 1.5 hours
  • Competitive creative challenge

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Fun & clebration
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Time management
  • Networking

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Macaroon Masterchef

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