Right now, team building is extremely crucial in business. Our blog articles below provide the resources you need to combat employee turnover, keep your workers engaged, improve collaboration, and increase your company's success!

4 Essentials To Consider When Planning a Hybrid Event

By Ella Dinsey | April 11, 2022

There’s a lot that goes into planning a successful hybrid team building event. Is a remote or in person event host required? Will you be creating your teams with online …

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Top 10 Virtual Activities for 2022

By Ella Dinsey | March 11, 2022

Virtual team builder activities are group games, challenges, and events via platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The types of activities include icebreaker questions, virtual scavenger hunts, and trivia …

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Top 10 In-Person Activities for 2022

By Ella Dinsey | March 11, 2022

Team building games are competitive, collaborative and enjoyable activities that boost productivity, connect your team, and, ultimately, the success of your company. For example, escape games, scavenger hunts, and construction …

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5 Reasons to Show Your Employees Appreciation (and label yourself #1 Boss)

By Ella Dinsey | February 23, 2022

We’ve got five big important reasons why employee recognition is important as a team leader or manager, not just as a HR Manager. Employee Appreciation Day is right around the …

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How Giving Back Benefits You & Your Community

By Alexandra Pett | November 9, 2021

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what …

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The Impact of a Transient Workforce

By Alexandra Pett | September 21, 2021

Many employers are beginning to transition their staff back into the office in an attempt to return to normality. However, given the unique opportunity presented by the current global shake …

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Making the Transition to In-Person Events

By Alexandra Pett | June 23, 2021

BREAKING NEWS – In-person events are opening up across the world. Although this has been a long time coming, many of us are still unsure about what the transition to …

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COVID Recovery: Reconnect Your Team Safely

By Alexandra Pett | June 23, 2020

As restrictions across Canada are beginning to relax and organisations are starting to ease employees back into the new office environment, Hybrid and Live events are back in our future. …

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Five Games For Remote Teams

By Alexandra Pett | May 11, 2020

It has been eight weeks since we saw the shift from conference rooms to conference calls and we are now seeing a trend in management reporting breakdowns in team communication, …

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COVID-19: Is Your Team Physically or Socially Distancing?

By Alexandra Pett | April 8, 2020

Wow 2020 – We didn’t see this coming and hasn’t it caused some problems! It seems there is no mistaking or escaping the paradigm shift currently sweeping the globe, as …

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