5 Reasons to Show Your Employees Appreciation (and label yourself #1 Boss)

Favourite boss

We’ve got five big important reasons why employee recognition is important as a team leader or manager, not just as a HR Manager. Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner (literally, on a calendar), right now is the time to get a hop on and get planning. 

You don’t need us to tell you that the past two years have been a little -ahem- “different”, to previous years. Many (if not most) businesses have been in survival mode and what-are-we-allowed-to-do-now mode, so that employee appreciation and retention may have been put on the back burner. And who could blame you? However, according to The Achievers’ Employee Engagement and Retention Report, nearly 52% of employees were looking for new jobs in 2021. This is not just news for HR, this affects the organization as a whole.  Now that there is a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and in-person gatherings are able to re-commence, appreciation for your employees is needed more than ever. 

1. Keep Your Employees YOUR Employees

It’s the big obvious one. Why should we show appreciation to our colleagues and team? To keep them loyal to the company, increase employee retention and keep your team happy in their job. Every time an employee leaves a company, the ‘total cost’ of losing them is more than just the amount of time and effort it takes to find someone new. Taking into account the training & management time put into onboarding, the lost productivity of replacing an experienced person with an inexperienced person, and the cultural impact of a loss of a long-term colleague, it’s by far easier, more time efficient and cost-effective, to give our employees the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

2. To Keep our Workplace Social Circles Big

Did you know that according to Harvard Business Review, professional networks have reduced by nearly 16% during the last two years? This is a huge impact that the pandemic has brought on our companies. We have reduced our social circles, created less workplace connections and promoted a reduced sense of belonging. When our staff don’t identify with our company and its members, this brings a higher risk of turnover and workplace negligence. After two months without an in-person gathering, feelings of closeness between friends and colleagues drop by 30% according to Harvard Business Review. Now, two years is a lot longer than two months, so we can imagine that most of us are in serious need of a catch up away from the office.

Social Circles

3. Boost Team Building, Innovation & Creativity


Maintaining our connections to our ‘outer’ social circles is critical for creativity and innovation within the workplace. If a company strives to create and push forward, innovation should be viewed as a normal part of the business, not only required for a select few. The Big Picture Team Building Game is a great example of how a collaborative painting team event can bring your team together creatively to see the ‘Bigger Picture’. Bringing together your workforce outside of the day-to-day business chatter for innovation and fun will ensure that our employees feel appreciated while your innovation and creativity is increased. Win. Win. 

4. To Make You Their Favourite Boss (i.e. A Way Better Leader)

It shouldn’t need to be said, but when employees are happy, usually behind the lines there is a great leader managing them. According to Human Resources Today, 58% of employees said their relationship with their direct manager would improve if they were to receive more recognition. Employees who trust their managers are 12 times more likely to be productive and engaging at work. Frequent recognition builds trust and strengthens the manager-worker relationship and therefore makes you a better leader.  Find out if you really are the ‘best boss’ when you get your team going head to head in The Global Festival Game which focuses around music and creating a deeper connection between colleagues and managers.

5. Happy Customers, Profitable Company

Engaged employees equal an increase in sales and improved customer relationships, according to “The State of the American Workplace”. Increased Sales? Happy Customers? Ding, Ding! Companies that provide a great customer experience have 1.5 times as many engaged employees according to a study by The Temkin Group. How best to keep your employees engaged and thus your customers happy? You guessed it, making sure that your employees feel fulfilled and appreciated. Genuine gratitude instigates genuine connection. So make sure the appreciation you are giving is honest and natural. 

When planning your Employee Appreciation Event, remember to stay inclusive, think about your employees as people, what they personally enjoy and what kinds of activities they would excel at. Win It In An Online Minute (also available as an in-person event) is a unifying best seller game that doesn’t break the bank. It’s fun and motivating and accessible to employees of all walks of life. 

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