Team Building Victoria

Victoria offers natural beauty, temperate climate, and heritage charm to those that reside and visit. The contrast of old-world atmosphere and architecture in a small urban city is part of what makes Victoria so unique and perfect for hosting team building games! With so many venues, outdoor locations, and bodies of water to play games in - it's a facilitator's dream. And luckily we have staff and kits nearby to create fun, entertaining, and memorable team-building events!

Our Top Team Building Activities for Victoria

Flatout Afloat

In this innovative and exciting ‘build your own boat’ concept, teams select a design, gather together some unlikely building materials and then combine their individual talents to build a seaworthy vessel. The proof …

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paint night big picture logo

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is one of the most popular team-building activities across the globe. This is a custom, multi-canvas art design that will bring the entire team together as you’ve …

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Canadian Wilderness Survival

Go Team is an exciting and engaging high-tech app. Using the latest in GPS and communication technology, it is one of the most versatile and player-focused apps on the market.  …

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In-Person Team-Building Drone Control

Drone Control

With a set distance between launch and landing pad, each team must carefully maneuver their drones through 8 ‘man-made’ obstacles. The obstacles are human forms to be rehearsed, rebuilt, and …

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Building A Dream

Build a bike & help local children in need! Teams have to complete a series of short puzzles and problem solving tasks to require additional tools and components for the …

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Flatout Formula 1

The ultimate team test, where working effectively and efficiently means milliseconds – the difference between the podium and the pits. Flat Out Formula 1 tests the communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of …

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Orchestrate! is a sensational musical team-building experience that will transform your team and bring you closer together than ever before. In a nutshell, Orchestrate! is a powerful and emotional musical …

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team-building exercise quickfire


Quickfire is a highly engaging, tablet-based, team-building exercise of strategic thinking and fun. We pit teams against each other to complete as many challenges within a given timeframe to maximize their …

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