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JDRF was founded by parents of children living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in 1974. Their vision for their children was a world without T1D (

Today, JDRF's research mission is to discover, develop, and deliver advances that cure, better treat, and prevent T1D. As the global leader in the fight against T1D, funding more than $1.9 billion (U.S.) in T1D research since its inception, JDRF's research programs are comprehensive – addressing the hopes and dreams of every person with T1D for the best quality of life and a cure for this disease.

JDRF has a bold plan for the future of T1D research, especially in Canada. As better treatments unfold and the prospect of curing this disease rests on the horizon, JDRF remains ever-committed to directing more resources to launch and sustain innovative research and clinical trials from coast-to-coast, while continuing to support the T1D community by advocating for access to life-saving technologies through the Access for All program and connecting T1D families through programs like Bag of Hope, TalkT1D Peer Support and the Let’s Talk T1D Education Series.

JDRF strives to help people at all ages and all stages of the disease to live better, longer, healthier lives. These people are the reason JDRF exists, and remain at the forefront of everything we do. To learn more, visit