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Alain Villeneuve
Alain Villeneuve

+ Most handsome in my family.
+ Walked at 8 months.
+ Impeccable dresser at a young age.

Chantelle Howell
Chantelle Howell

+ Long Axe Thrower Enthusiast.
+ Calgary flag football champions 2015.
+ Mom arms of steel

David Choi
David Choi

+ Terrible, but an avid golfer.
+ Third place winner at poker tournament when I was a university student.
+ Dad of one troublemaker daughter.

Dave Keeler
Dave Keeler

+ Hole in One award 1980!! Hasn’t hit a green since!
+ Go Riders!! Does it get any better than that!?!
+ Never late for dinner award / every day – first to arrive!
+ Bocce Ball Champion – 2012 Family Reunion.

Jeff Boyd
Jeff Boyd

+ In the running for A&W Teen Burger spokesperson 2033.....
+ Won the Arbie Award in 2020 for "Softest Steps In the Office".
+ Voted most likely to do this challenge in a full suit and tie!

Vote for me I could sure use the affirmation....

Keith Norby
Keith Norby

+ Single balloon, one arm holding champion 2018-19 (Red division).
+ Training for 2022 multi-balloon world championships

Lesley-Ann Cahill
Lesley-Ann Cahill

Joined RBC originally in 2007
Edmonton is where I grew up
Family: 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband
Friends and family keep me going

Abu Dhabi – lived in UAE.
Diving with great white sharks
Austria – lived in Vienna
Married for 20 years.
Super excited for people to vote for JEFF ADAMS!

Maria Thomas
Marla Thomas

+ Winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2016
+ High School Provincial High Jump Champion 1982 & 1983
+ Participated in the World Black Pudding competition and Bubble Blowing Competition

Mellissa Dang
Mellissa Dang

+ Fastest time blowing up a Flamingo Floaty
+ 2020 Winner of “ Create your own little island”
+ 1989 Table tennis Champion – Family League

Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney

+ Saskatchewan's 4x Broomball Champion (an Olympics if only Broomball was recognized).
+ Master of sneaking 16 items in the 15 items or less lane.
+ Favorite joke: I tried to talk about GICs, but there was no interest!

Nibal 2
Nibal Yamout

+ Youngest athlete to represent Lebanon at the 2008 Summer Olympics
+ 2007 Cross Country Running Champion
+ 2010 Participants in the Chicken Wings eating competition

Rob Anderson

+ Best skill: casually walking the dog in summer
+ Tried a round of Golf  with Dan Haight, got my butt kicked!
+ Attempted to cook with the skill of Alain Villeneuve, burnt everything
+ Gallant effort to keep up to Jeff Adams in a 10 Km run, not a chance!!
+ You all know who you should vote for these individuals in the JDRF Win it in a Minute challenge

Tess White

+ Yoga enthusiast (savasana is my strength)
+ Fastest uphill walking cyclist
+ Had a hole in one
+ 2005 World Record for falling up the stairs

Shane Evong
Shane Evong

+ Has a Superpower - ability to block out his wife’s voice
+ Can juggle pretty good
+ Had a hole in one
+ Loves Whiskey Sours

Tracey Schmitz
Tracey Schmitz

+ Winner of the Fairholme Gopher Derby
+ 2nd slowest runner on a group canoe trip (which means you’re not last in line in a bear / moose chase)
+ First drove a semi by herself at 10
+ Dislikes: spaghetti, cheesecake, “bored” games, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain

Lee Metz

Over the last 31 years my wife and kids have stopped asking
about my day. I tell myself it’s because I can’t go into a lot of detail due to privacy
Although I suspect they may find it less exciting than I do

At least now I have my mini Schnauzer to listen
The picture is of him listening attentively to stories of banking

Trevor McLachlan

+ 1984 Sheep riding champion
+ MOst BBQ's ribs eaten in a single sitting
+ 1st place - most lost golf balls in a single round

Ali K

+ Mixes for the masses, Master of the Mix Tape
+ Part of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Freestyle breakdance crew
+ Won second place in Michael Jackson dance contest

Linda Liu-Tangtakoune

+ 2020 Juice Pong family champion
+ Two time champion for the loudest cheerer during U5 little league soccer
+ Record holder for the fastest speaker among the LIU family
+ Won the worst karaoke competition

Dan Haight

+ Best neighbor snowblower angel 2020
+ Jumped from 123 feet & still telling the story
+ First hole in one 2018
+ Camping is better than I remembered
+ Played hockey since I was very young

Jeff Adams

+ Vote for me, I'm awesome.