Paint-A-Part: A Virtual Team Activity

Remember that random question you received, asking you what animal would best reflect your personality and why? Well now it’s time for you to ‘Paint Your Part’ and make it come to life with a customised art kit which you will soon receive.

You will be receiving an invite to an interactive online painting class, where one of our in house artists will give you tips and tricks on how to perfect your painting and channel your inner artist.

Pre-event steps:

Step #1:  Have the event kit and additional items shown to the right hand side on hand.

Step #2:  Wear clothes you do not mind getting paint on.

Step #3:  Ensure that your technology works and everything is plugged in or charged.

Step #4:  Set up your canvas and supplies.

Step #5:  Ensure you have video and chat enabled. Find the link to your online event and we will see you soon.

paint night team-building paint a part

Your art kit includes:

  • Acrylic water based paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Your customised design sheet and outline print for tracing
  • Art canvas
  • A color mixing guide

Note: No palette has been included. We find an old dinner plate is a more sustainable choice. All paints are water soluble and if washed off quickly should not leave any marks unless the glaze is cracked or chipped.

You will need:

  • Dinner plate or palette
  • A pencil
  • 2 x cups or mugs with water to wash your brushes
  • Comfortable clothes you can paint in
  • Your art kit
  • Your challenge guide