Welcome to Egg-Apalooza, a virtual Easter Egg hunt where challenges and activities are set by Hops, our Easter Bunny helper.

What you need?

In order to play the game you are going to need:

  • A smartphone with the Go Team app installed.
  • 1 x Hard boiled egg.
  • Scissors, colouring utensils (pens, pencils, markers etc.)
  • Paper, cardboard and aluminium foil.
  • An arts and crafts box would be a big plus!

Lets get HOPPING!!!

Hop #1: Search for "Go Team Catalyst" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Hop #2: Once downloaded open the app from the home screen on your device.

Hop #3: In the ‘Go Team’ app, click on the QR code button in the top right corner and scan the code on this page.

Hop #4: After entering your team name, you will see a map. In order to access the challenges, click on an egg icon to complete each task