VR Who Dunnit

Step into a captivating multiplayer VR experience like no other! In the elegant, enigmatic setting of The Grange, a renowned hotel from yesteryear, a chilling murder has occurred. You and your team are the detectives on the case. Can you uncover the secrets, solve the crime, and reveal the cunning killer in this immersive tabletop VR game?

This thrilling adventure unfolds in six exciting sections. It all begins with an ice-breaker session, introducing the activity and the VR headsets, followed by fun deductive challenges.

As the plot thickens, you'll delve into the "Scene of the Crime," donning the VR headset to explore the hotel, read suspect profiles, and deduce motives. The game takes you through a series of rooms, challenging your team to figure out "Where? What?" and "Why?" before finally piecing together "When? Who?" in a room filled with cryptic clues.

This VR experience offers a perfect blend of technology, teamwork, and problem-solving. Get ready for a memorable adventure that will keep your team entertained and engaged, and leave you with valuable insights into effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Who is "VR Who Dunnit?" suitable for?

  • In-Person
  • Groups from 8 - unlimited
  • All organizations, backgrounds and ages
  • Event duration from 1-2 hour
  • Competitive & cognitive challenges

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Fun
  • Networking

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VR Who Dunnit

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