The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is a hybrid event allowing participants on location to collaborate with colleagues in remote offices or at home.

Teams work to find and unlock checkpoints enabling them to retrieve 12 golden feathers and reveal the Phoenix’s nest location. Participants on location take the role of ‘Hunters’ out on the street guided by a GPS app. Participants back at base or working from home, are the ‘Gatherers’ who work through on-screen checkpoint challenges.

Successes reveal clues, failures may require further investment of resources. Only by working together can the team complete their journey and score points.

Agile teams who can adapt quickly to different situations and communicate despite situations or roles will sure to be the winners.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Virtual/Hybrid
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • Groups from 4 - unlimited
  • All organisations and backgrounds
  • Event duration 1-1.5 hours

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Effective communication
  • Team dynamics
  • Fun & engaging
  • Strategy
  • Collaborative

Want to know more?

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