The Green Game

Get ready to embark on a journey that combines fun, creativity, and social responsibility in the Green Game! This extraordinary team-building activity offers a unique twist as teams come together to craft sustainable, eco-friendly bird boxes, insect hotels, and bat boxes. But, here's the exciting part: to acquire the materials necessary for these projects, teams must tackle a series of engaging 'eco challenges' using iPads, encouraging resourceful innovation and creative thinking.

Leadership, strategy, and effective communication take center stage as teams strive to gain an advantage by efficiently juggling multiple tasks. Once the essential materials are stockpiled, the teams set their sights on the challenge of creating three eco-friendly wildlife habitats. Guided by three-dimensional blueprints, they first construct the timber structures and then decorate them according to specific criteria.

The Green Game isn't just about teamwork; it's a meaningful, reflective, and inclusive experience that leaves a positive impact on your local environment. Participants learn about the importance of local ecology and the consequences of human activity on bird, bat, and insect populations. As you navigate through the challenges and work together to achieve your goals, trust builds among team members, and you come to appreciate each other's unique abilities. Plus, the best part is that the boxes you create can be donated to your local community, school, or institution, making this a truly socially responsible and rewarding endeavor. Join the Green Game for a memorable and eco-conscious team-building adventure that brings people together in an engaging and purposeful way.

Who is The Green Game suitable for?

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Groups from 12- 400
  • All organizations, backgrounds and ages
  • Event duration from 1-2 hours
  • Competitive / Collaborative

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Cross functional cooperation
  • Team bonding
  • Problem solving
  • Energy and focus
  • Decision making
  • Giving back

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The Green Game

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