The Climate Change Challenge

The premise of Climate Change Challenge is to protect humanity from climate change by becoming an “eco-hero”. You will travel with your team around the world and fight the villains that represent the consequences of global warming.

This is an epic way to bring your remote teams together, whether you are reinforcing competencies, fostering a healthy company culture, helping with the onboarding of new starters, or to simply rewarding your employees. The list of benefits goes on.

The aim of the Climate Change Challenge experience is to escape LIVE on our game platform whilst communicating with your teammates via a video call.

Your event facilitators will lead you through the game and assist you should you run into difficulty. We’re able to customize the game platform to fit your company's corporate identity.

The game combines entertaining and diverse challenges with an informative approach. It is ideal for addressing the Sustainable Development Goals in a recreational and teamwork environment.

To close, winners will be announced, and learnings will be debriefed!


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Who is The Climate Change Challenge suitable for?

  • Virtual event
  • Groups from 5 - unlimited
  • All organizations, backgrounds and ages
  • Event duration from 1.5 hours
  • Competitive, creative & cognitive challenges

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Strategy Communication
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Fun
  • Networking

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