Team Apprentice

Inspired by the famous TV show The Apprentice, this highly popular event puts your team through its paces with similar types of challenges to those seen on TV, which will require a wide range of skills. Which team will be fired and which will be hired?!

The activity starts with the initial challenge of quickly identifying the strengths (and weaknesses) of team members by delegating specific roles including the coveted Project Manager title, as well as for areas such as Marketing, Finance, and Design.

Divided into three distinct sections and a budget of $50 each, teams aim to fulfill a range of business objectives in a logical order.

Go Team Digital Scavenger Hunt

Who are The Games suitable for?

  • Indoor, Outdoor & Virtual Event
  • Groups of 4 to Unlimited
  • All Organizations, Backgrounds, and Ages
  • Event Duration From 1.5 Hours
  • Competitive & Collaborative

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Strategy skills
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Networking
  • Fun and Entertaining
Creative team-building

Want to know more?

Tell us more about your event; themes, learning outcomes, group demographic, business objectives etc.