Meditainment Online!

Meditainment Online, provides access to a wide variety of guided meditation videos, specifically designed to reduce stress, promote growth and develop mindfulness, particularly for people working from home or remotely! The online library currently contains 34 videos which can be offered via a corporate intranet or through our online client meditation portal. Participants receive lifetime access to the library, with no usage limit; meditation sessions can be easily access on any device, including phones and tablets.

Each meditation begins with a short calming exercise leading into an engaging journey through a natural environment. Boosting morale and providing people with skills so they are better equipped to deal with the ups, downs and curve balls that life throws at them. Encouraging healthy living, mental health and general well-being.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Indoor & outdoor activity
  • Individual
  • Anyone
  • Duration 30 - 40 mins

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Stress reduction
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Growth & development
  • Self motivation & energy
  • Mindfulness & insight

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