Chain Reaction Life Size

Chain Reaction Life Size edition is a unique team-building activity. We challenge groups to build a series of simple machines that ultimately become an elaborate chain reaction when joined together with other teams’ contraptions. Think Rube Goldberg devices where your staff all play a pivotal role in the end product. We provide all the tools required to get everyone started, but your organization will have to bring the collaboration.

Use this unique team-building activity to develop excellent teamwork and project management skills while stimulating creativity and innovation. We promise that teams will feel fulfilled seeing the result of their hard work and collaboration with their teammates. We’re proud of Chain Reaction Life Size edition because it allows participants to create a visual manifestation of their teamwork, which is not always available with other team-building events – with no physical constraints, unlike our Table Top version.

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Who is Chain Reaction - Life Size suitable for?

  • Indoor & outdoor event
  • Groups from 10 - unlimited
  • All organizations, backgrounds and ages
  • Event duration from 2-3 hours
  • Competitive creative challenge

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Strategy Communication
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Brand Awareness
  • Project planning
  • Team Collaboration
  • Managing Change

I like the energy of the presenters and how the energy carried over to the room. Many other people mentioning Chain Reaction as something they really enjoyed! - MDA

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