A German Appy Hour

Nothing hits the spot after a long day better than German food and beer. There is something that screams “comfort” from most German dishes, and they all pair perfectly with a cold pint. In this 90 - 120 minute workshop, we will teach you and your team how to create a traditional Flammkuchen (a German flatbread) and Beer Brat Bites, juicy sausage bites, grilled to perfection and tossed in a beer glaze. Whether you are new in the kitchen or you rank yourself as a masterchef, this interactive and fun virtual activity will leave you with something tasty to show off to family and friends (if you manage to resist eating all it all yourself!)

All you need to do is pick up the ingredients, some beer and follow the pre-event steps below.

Your shopping list can be found here!

Event day pre-event steps:

Step #1:  Have your ingredients ready with equipment listed to the right on hand.

Step #2:  Ensure that your technology works and everything is plugged in or charged.

Step #3:  Ensure you have video and chat enabled.

Step #4:  Get dressed to cook and ready to indulge in delicious German food!


What you need:

Set up your equipment in your kitchen. You will need to work near an oven and a burner or stove top. You will also need the following items or something similar to hand at your workspace.

    • Access to running water
    • 1 x Cutting board
    • 1 x Large sheet pan (similar to one for making cookies)
    • 1 x Large mixing bowl
    • 1 x Spatula or wooden spoon
    • 1 x Rolling pin or anything that will serve as one
    • 1 x Cheese grater
    • 2 x Small bowls
    • 1 x Set of measuring cups
    • 1 x Set of metal spoons: teaspoon, dessert & tablespoon
    • 1 x Non-stick frying pan
    • 1 x Kitchen scissors
    • 1 x Medium pot/saucepan
    • Sharp knives
    • 1 x Small dish
    • 1 x Whisk or spatula
    • Serving bowl or plate

If you would like to complement these dishes by pairing with alcohol, then please source one or more of the following (extra points for sourcing something German):

Flammkuchen:   Pilsner, Witbier, Helles, Lager, Kölsch or Pale Ale
Beer Brat Bites:  Bock, Dunkel, Altbier, Schwartzbier, Doppelbock, or Stout

Meet your Chef

Edette Gagné grew up in the kitchen - first watching all the action from atop the fridge, then learning the basics from her mother and great-aunt, then exploring and learning everything she could about gastronomy and creating delicious food.

As a self-trained chef, every meal out, every cookbook, every cooking show is a chance to learn more about food, flavours, plating and beauty. Her private gourmet dinners sell at auction for high prices - and frequently to people who have enjoyed the experience in the past. Having grown up with wines, her recent explorations have taken her into the fields of beer and mixology. There is no endpoint in sight for this chef’s passion for food.
Edette loves beauty in all things - especially food. Her goal is to create food that invites all the senses to the table: the appearance, the fragrant scents, the mouth feel… everything matters.