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Welcome to ‘The Winter Games: Virtual Edition’. With a number of unique challenges, we help your group explore all the attributes required to be an Olympian and win gold whilst working from home. Your mental endurance, time management, strategy, team communication, focus and physical ability are will be tested to their limits.

Please follow the instructions below to download the Go Team App and the QR code to the right to then download The Winter Games.

Additional Information:

Challenge 2: Creativity Race Car
Challenge 4: Origami Bird
Challenge 5: Figure Skating


Step #1: Search for "Go Team Catalyst" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step #2: Once downloaded open the app from the home screen on your device.

Step #3: In the ‘Go Team’ app, click on the QR code button in the top right corner and scan the code on this page.

Step #4: Once the game has downloaded if you and your team are ready to start click the "Start" button. You can defer the start by clicking "Later". If you click later the game will be available in your list of "Available Activities" or "Ongoing Activities".