Your Challenge

People are arguably the most important part of any organisation; they are certainly the heart and soul!

Your challenge is to bring that heart and soul to the GSK logo and submit an image of yourself showing your true Olympian winning spirit.


Photo Guidelines

  • Take 2-3 photos on a white background and 2-3 photos on a orange background.
  • Take photos with as close to matching the white and orange background colours as possible. Try to fill the entire background with the colour. You can hang a sheet / cloth or find a wall, floor or background scenery that matches.
  • Landscape images required to avoid heavy cropping of portrait photos.
  • It is advisable to get someone else to take the picture for you.
  • When taking multiple photos with the same colour background, use different props or poses to make the photos look different.
  • It is helpful if you can rename your photos with your name before uploading them. For example; “Bill Smith 1.jpg”, “Bill Smith 2.jpg” etc... (always place your name first).
  • Only upload high res images (but please be mindful of image MBs).
  • Say CHEESE!

Upload Instructions

Once you have taken and renamed your images you can either upload them to a Dropbox folder or email them to us at Here are two ways to upload them to dropbox:

  1. UPLOAD LINK - If your images are on a PC or Mac, then the easiest option is to click this link. It will open the file request page for the event Dropbox folder where you can upload your images.
  2. If you have taken the images using your phone you can still use the link provided above, however, it may be simpler to use the QR code below. Method: Open the camera on your phone and centre the QR code in the image frame (you don't need to take a picture). You may need to change the distance to the image before your phone recognises the image as a QR code. When it does a link will appear on your screen which you will be able to click on to go to the image upload area.

The QR code recognition tool may need to be enabled for some makes and models of phone. A good tutorial can be found here.

Your photographs will not be used in any publication, print ads, direct-mail pieces, electronic media (e.g. video, Internet, Web site) or other form of promotion in perpetuity without remuneration or further consent.