Welcome to our Victoria Day Long Weekend family challenge. With the lack of international travel currently permitted, we have created a fun family ‘app’ based game for you all to play. Explore and learn about the world together in just one hour, from Samba dancing to Safaris and Snakes.

Your challenge is to play through as many challenges as possible, scoring points as you go.

Note: All videos and photos will be destroyed once the challenge has been completed. If you would like us to send them to you before they are deleted please send us an email with your team name to info@eventology.ca.

Now Lets Go Travel!!!

#1: Search for "Go Team Catalyst" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

#2: Once downloaded open the app from the home screen on your device.

#3: In the ‘Go Team’ app, click on the QR code button in the top right corner and scan the code on this page.

#4: After entering your team name, you will see a map with a red start icon, click this to start the game and access all the challenges.

#5: Click on the icons in any order to play each challenge.