Game Download Instructions:
Download Instrutions

Player information packs:
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4

Final Challenge Cypher:
Final Challenge Cypher!

Step #2: After entering your team name, you will see your first challenge. Communicate with your team and work through the challenges by sharing information and solving the puzzles.


Step #4: Take a Mafioso photo using the apps photo function!


Good Luck!!!!!

Step #1: Once the game has downloaded you can click "Start" if your team are ready to play or "Later" to wait. If you click "Later" you can find the game in your list of Available and Ongoing Activities.


Step #3: A map or this Mob meeting image will appear. Locate the Red Power button and press to begin.


Step #5: Each team member picks a player. Ensure everyone chooses a different player so you receive all the information. Each of the player packs are available in .pdf format at the top of this page in case you have any issues with the Go Team App.

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