Synergyk is a series of "Hall Games" played in a conference room. Participants are assigned to a team table, and the host guides the teams via a series of audio-visual media through a series of mini games.

Interactions with the game are done via electronic components such as buttons, joysticks, or LEDs, creating a unique user experience.

The different mini games, which combine puzzles, coordination, and other skills, give every player a chance to use their abilities and have a great time.

The 8-bit music and the mini games' style have a nostalgic 80's feel.

Who is Synergyk suitable for?

  • Indoor event
  • Groups from 3 to unlimited
  • All organizations, ages & backgrounds
  • Event duration from 1.5 hours
  • Competitive and collaborative teams

Benefits & Outcomes?

  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Team dynamics
  • Memorable shared experience
  • Level playing field
  • Teamwork

Want to know more?

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