Team Building

Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.
Babe Ruth

A strong team is an important factor in any work place and is built on the foundations of diverse shared experiences. Our focus is to bring out the best in your team by working with you to provide those experiences. Our team based events help self development, positive communication, leadership skills, the ability to work closely together as a team to problem solve and much more.

Eventology's team building solutions cater for groups of all sizes, budgets and cultures.

Below are a few of Eventology's previous team building solutions:

This is where the social block will live


A symphony orchestra is one the best examples of a team working as one.....

A powerful and emotional 90 minute musical challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton to transform your people. Bringing them together as never before.

With no previous musical training necessary, groups are split into individual instrument sections, each guided by an expert musician. Once proficient, your team will come together to perform a mind blowing finale: a five minute symphony extravaganza!

The Big Picture

It's a frame up! Teams brush up on their artistic skills, creating a masterpiece of epic proportion. All they need is the 'Big Picture' approach.....

Divided into teams, armed with brushes, paint and very little information, teams get to create their own individual works of art. 

Groups then rotate around the room, moving between canvasses and soon realize that further team work is required to achieve the final goal.

Will the transitions be smooth or will the Picasso's in the room want to take over?

Record Breakers

This memorable team event is one of a kind and rarely seen in North America. Surely nothing can bring a team together more than to set a new World Record!

Work with us and Guinness World Records to create a unique event solution that engages your staff, enhances your brand, promotes your product or service and entertains core audiences.

Be the first team in BC to have your company name and brand on The Guinness World Records database and possibly in the world famous book.

Flat Out - Formula One

The ultimate team test, where working effectively and efficiently means milliseconds - the difference between the podium and the pits!

First, teams test their communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness in building the ultimate Formula One racing car.

Brand advertising, pit stop practice and race qualifications are just some of the activities that lead to the ultimate Grand Prix finale......seeing teams race to win the checkered flag!

Go Team

Is an exciting and engaging high tech team adventure. Using the latest in GPS and communication technology, Go Team is the most interactive and versatile treasure hunt seen on the market. A voyage of discovery along an unknown path, with challenges to complete and knowledge to share as you discover that sometimes it is all
about the journey!

This competitive, fun and highly engaging activity can be used to enhance any event from a conference breakout sessions to a fun learning experience for children.

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Reinventing Rafts

Reinventing Rafts is no ordinary Raft Building event. The teams ultimate objective is to cross the water in a head to head showdown. Dry feet will depend on pulling together, as the craft is engineered and built.

This educational challenge promotes team communication, camaraderie and highlights how teams work together towards a common goal.

Will your team get deserted on the island or will they sail safely to civilisation?

Leaders on Trial

Leaders on Trial is a facilitated 'courtroom' based business learning activity, encouraging employees to examine leadership skills relating to your company values.

Teams will choose leaders past or present, then assess and analyze. Teams pull together to prepare a convincing case wearing court room attire. With barristers, key witnesses and prosecutors, strategies and motives are questions. Teams will stand trial. Could their leader be crowned the greatest in history?

Bake a Difference

A culinary event with a charitable twist; enhancing communication, team performance, commercial awareness, creative design and helps gain an understanding of the local business market.

Under the supervision of a professional chef, teams will be asked to produce a food product to sell to the public, with all money being donated to a charity of your choice.
Tasks include: designing & creating marketing material and packaging, manage financials, promoting and cooking!

Dragons Apprentice

A fine blend of the well known hit TV series ....The Apprentice meets Dragons Den!

Challenge your teams entrepreneurial skills against exceptional business thinkers.

Separated into three sections, planning, pitching and the finale, teams will face presentation, negotiation and financial planning challenges along the road. Who will be Hired and who will be Fired?